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On the 8th of October an article was published online by the Star in which it suggests that GCH were involved in the campaign to save the Western Road Trees. This is in fact incorrect and a misrepresentation of the information provided by GCH and it's Director, Cara Sutherland. In her interview with the Star, Cara explained that as individuals, members of GCH's committee were involved in events and campaigning to draw attention to the trees on Western Road and this provided much of the inspiration for founding GCH. GCH did not exist at the time of the campaigning to save the trees at risk of felling on Western Road and takes no credit for any of the hard work, dedication and impact that the campaign groups had on saving the Western Road trees.


Green City Heritage exists to collect and protect Sheffield’s green heritage, to support the City’s people to explore their relationships with that heritage, and engage communities
through meaningful projects

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