Community Tree Nursery: Planting Scheme

We are fast approaching tree planting season and we could not be more excited!

We launched our Community Tree Nursery: Planting Scheme in 2021 and we were able to give out over 300 trees to the local community. 

Read the information below to find out more about the history of the project, why we launched this scheme and how you can apply.

We are currently reviewing our nursery stock and if our stock allows for FREE tree distribution this year, we will include application deadlines on this page.

We are currently not accepting applications for 2022-23. 

The Scheme…

What is available?

FREE trees native to Britain. We have 7 species of tree (see list below) that have been grown from ‘whips’ provided by the Woodland Trust in 2019. Most of the trees are now considered to be Feathers or Feathered Whips (approx. 1.5m – 2m in height) although some trees are now Half-Standards (similar height to Feathered Whips but are slightly more robust).

All trees will be barerooted, meaning that they are grown in open land and as such are lifted from the ground and do not come with soil around the roots like a potted tree.

The trees are for planting in public/community spaces. There is a quick Eligibility Checklist (see below) to help you check if your planting project is suitable. All our trees have been grown at our Community Tree Nursery at Townfield Head Farm, Stannington.

Who can apply?

First-round applications are open to community groups and organisations wanting to plant 5 trees or more in Sheffield. We will open a second-round later in the year that may include individuals/households who have identified a location for planting that is accessible to the public.

When can we apply?

We are currently not accepting applications for 2022-23.

How do we apply?

Use our Eligibility Checklist first to check if your intended planting project is suitable for the scheme & read the Application Guidance Notes carefully to help you complete the application form. Use our online Application Form to submit your application – use the Application Form Questions pdf to take a look at the questions before completing the online form & download and complete your Planting & Maintenance Plan.  If you have any questions beforehand, please do not hesitate to contact us using

Our Why…

The impacts the pandemic had on our funding in 2020 meant that we had to make some changes to our projects. Instead of some of the more front facing heritage community work we had planned, we have been quietly working behind the scenes on our Community Tree Nursery up at Townfield Head Farm.

As part of the Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fightback that launched in 2019, community tree packs of small whips (very small single stem branchless trees) were distributed in Sheffield, with a large number going to STAG for community planting. However, not all these trees were able to be planted before the end of the season and many of them were cared for in people’s gardens and allotments temporarily.

In early 2020, we were able to become the caretakers of these trees with STAG passing the baton to us to ensure that we could nurture and protect them at our new Community Tree Nursery. After two years of growth, these once small trees are now much bigger and are ready for planting in their forever homes.

Planting small whips is great when you are planting a large number at a time, but we know that this isn’t possible for everyone and is not always desirable. That’s why these larger, more established young trees are great for planting in places where smaller trees might get trampled or mistaken for other plants.

We want to make sure these trees go to their ‘forever’ home. We have provided a good safe space for the trees to become stronger and more established, but now it is their time to set root in a permanent location.

So, why aren’t we just giving them away? It is important that tree planting is considered carefully and with foresight – as such, we need to know that when they leave our nursery, they have a home that will include a plan to maintain and love them as they grow.

Dates for your diary…

First-round Timeline:

Applications are currently closed.

Eligibility Checklist

Use the checklist below to see if your planting application is suitable or not. Ideally you will answer ‘YES’ to all the questions below.

If you did not answer ‘YES’ to all of the above questions, your project may not suitable for this scheme. If you have any queries regarding your eligibility, you can contact us on to discuss.

Tree Species…




Prunus (blackthorn)


Field Maple

Sessile Oak & Pedunculate Oak