Archive: Heritage Open Days 2019

Beeley Woods Industrial Heritage Walk

A walk in the beautiful woodland of Beeley Woods exploring the remains of 18th and 19th century mining and industry along the way.
Beeley Woods is ancient woodland alongside the River Don which contains a large amount of evidence of the Don’s past as a working river whilst now being home to many different species of trees, birds, and insects. We will be walking through the woods looking at both aspects of Sheffield’s heritage.

Photos from the Walk

Gillfield Woods Explore

An explore of the nature and history of one of Sheffield’s lesser known woodlands. Tracing the past industry and human activity in the woods.
A look at one of Sheffield’s many small woodlands. This will be a walk and guide looking at both the nature and environment found today alongside past archaeological discoveries showing the history of the area. An introduction to the history of the woods.

Photos from the Walk

A City Centre River: Following the Porter Brook

A street level explore of the Porter Brook from the city centre to Endcliffe Park looking at the history, remains, and hidden bits of the brook.
Seeking out the visible parts of the Porter Brook whilst describing what lies beneath street level. A look at the role of the river in history. Identifying the remains of the river’s industrial past. Appreciating an often overlooked part of the city’s heritage.

Photos from the Walk

Sheffield Street Tree Protest Walks: People Power

A guided walk and talk around key sites where the ‘People Power’ of Sheffield citizens was demonstrated by direct action to preserve the city’s green heritage.

Sheffield enjoys a legacy of mature street trees left to us by our Victorian and Edwardian forebears. As a result of a Highway Maintenance contract, street trees began to be felled. Trees across Sheffield were marked with yellow ribbons by campaigners to highlight the scale of what was at risk.
Between the end of 2016 and early 2018 many residents of the city took direct action to prevent the destruction on their tree lined roads. Arrests, injunctions and mass protests ensued. The guided walk will visit some of key roads where direct action was taken and arrests were made. The walk will visit trees that were defended and where trees were lost, with a short talk at each on the actions by residents to defend their green heritage and the legal issues surrounding the right to protest.

Delivered by Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG) in association with Green City Heritage.